Men’s Summer Fashion Blags

Heading off on holiday soon? Hitting up a festival and don’t want to be stuck wearing a band tee? Well, you’ll want some help finding a few good looking summer inspired items for your wardrobe.

Here are some of the best fashion must haves I’ve found online recently that you’ll want a look at:


You can never go wrong with a denim jacket in the summer, just as long as you don’t mind getting grass stains on them, They’re incredibly versatile and won’t have you sweating buckets on those days when the weather just isn’t playing ball. This particular jacket I seen from Topman is one to go after this summer and for a very good reason is you can figure it out in the photo.

I’ll give you a minute to look …


Can you guess why?

It has no collar!

It’s quite rare to see a collarless denim jacket and it’s perfect to help stop that clammy feeling you might get around your neck, especially if you’re used to having a Borg lined neck. At ¬£40 it’s quite cheap as well. Just remember to throw some Factor 50 on the back of your neck if you’re planning on buying it.


Sticking with Topman for a minute, if you’re like me and wear a backpack all the time, you’ll know all too well the nightmare that is summer back sweats. You feel slightly gross talking off a backpack and just feeling that t shirt clinging when the wind hits. I implore you to think about buying an oversized tee this summer. A lot of guys misconstrue the belief that oversized=longline, but there’s a change this season to either having t-shirts that are either muscle fit or oversized. I’m not beach body ready so I know what one i’ll be going for.

You’ll want to go quasi kid’s TV show host too with bolder colours like lime green and neon orange overtaking the tie-dye and pastel colours we’ve had in previous summer.s


Are you the type of person who has to trawl through the back of the wardrobe to find your holiday shorts once a year? Then it’s time for an upgrade. Ditch the shorts where the mesh lining has seen better days and get an upgrade. My top pick, because I think holidays need to see you in as close to lounge-wear as humanly possible, are a classic looking pair of Adidas shorts. They’ve recently seen a massive surge in popularity again thanks to one singer in particular going all out on the look:

If you think you can pull off the Bruno Mars look on holiday, you’ll want a little swatch at this Amazon¬†discount code to get money off a new pair of shorts.


Remember tucker caps?

Well guess what? They’re back this summer.

Dickies has launched a few just in time for the summer season and this is my pick. It has a domed crown and mesh back, which makes sure your head doesn’t turn in to a swampy sauna.

It’ll be perfect for the classic hat tip over the face when lying on the beach and you don’t want to be disturbed by some stranger asking if you to pay for a message or ice cream.